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Dieter Lische-Parkes


Dieter Lische-Parkes is an up-and-coming biracial and bilingual actor, dancer, and singer in the Toronto area. Dieter is a part of the graduating class of George Brown Theatre School 2024 and has worked hard to hone his craft and refine his acting ability. He has performed on both stage and screen and some select credits include, Romeo and Juliet (YES Theatre/STC), The Wizard of Oz (YES Theatre/STC), Hockey Dreams (YES Theatre/STC), I’m Glad it’s Christmas (CTV), and Mistletoe Time Machine (Crave). Alongside acting Dieter has trained vigorously in various styles of dance including jazz, ballet, contemporary, modern, tap and hip-hop. He is also a passionate choreographer having choreographed over 30 dances for a variety of artists. Another skill set he possesses is stage combat, where he’s trained to use rapiers, gun props, and unarmed techniques alongside stunts and fall techniques.

Some notable people he has worked with include Marie Farsi in his most recent show Jane Eyre, adapted by Erin Shields. Others include James Willis and Julia Nish-Lapidus the artistic directors of Shakespeare Bashed, Alessandro Costantini the Artistic director of YES Theatre/STC, Virginia Abramovich and Ernie Barbarash.

Dieter has faced many challenges throughout his career especially starting his dance training later in life. He has also had to face his fair share of racism and discrimination within the artistic community. However, his passion for the arts has helped him grow and become the artist he is today. Dieter will soon be playing the role of Elwood in Harvey by Mary Chase, Directed by Peter Pasyk this February. Alongside featuring as Marvin in Dark of The Moon by Howard Richardson and William Berney, and playing the roles of Duke Senior in As You Like It this April.

In short, Dieter cannot wait to share his art with the world, and one day be a role model for kids who look just like him and who are also aspiring artists.