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Elena Lebrija

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Elena Lebrija was born in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Mexico and is the eldest of four sisters. At 11 months old, her family moved to British Columbia. Elena is a disciplined, independant and strong willed girl. She is fluent in both Spanish and English and now also studies french as part of a late immersion program. Through the Kumon Institute of Education, Elena has achieved recognition for becoming one of the top 100 advanced math students in Canada and the top 50 advanced math students in Vancouver.

Elena loves to travel and at the age of 8 she ventured off to Cambridge, UK on her own for two months to study english through the Clac English and Activity Summer Courses. The next year she travelled with the same program to Portugal where she connected with the culture and made invaluable memories.

Elena started acting clases at Stagecoach Performing Arts when she was 5 years old. She has travelled to Calgary, and Florida to train in on camera classes, scene study, monologue and commercial workshops, cold reading and audition techniques. She recently played Cruella de Vil and Lumiere in Theatrix Youtheatre Society’s Lunch Box Theatre Productions.

Elena’s love of expressing herself through her movement started by watching YouTube videos and practicing gymnastics at home. This eventually lead to structured training for competitive gymnastics. Dancing is also a very important part of Elena’s life and she recently received first place at the Festival du Ballet with her team.

At school Elena is known for volunteering and her participation in almost every activity her schedule allows- playing saxophone in band, joining choir, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track and field.