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Elescia Penaranda

Non Union

Elescia Penaranda is a driven and ambitious artist, with a strong presence and a great passion for performing.

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Elescia began her dance journey at a young age. She began her training in ballet, but her love for dance flourished as she further incorporated training in jazz, hip hop and contemporary. Through this training it was quickly brought to light that Elescia was a natural performer, and instantly gravitated towards being in front of the camera and on stage.

In 2019 Elescia made the move to Toronto to further her growth as an artist and dancer. Recently she has had  the opportunity to work with numerous artists and choreographers making appearances on stage and on film. Some of her recent credits include the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Toronto Raptors and Gen V. 

Elescia has worked diligently to expand her dance training through further exploring styles including heels and burlesque. Additionally she  continues to develop her acting training at Armstrong Acting Studios. 

Elescia continues to explore her movement and personal style. She is eager and open minded to broadening her skill sets and looks forward to continuing her personal and artistic growth.