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Elysia Dominelli

Non Union

Elysia Dominelli is a delightful nine year old with a passion for the performing arts. She has already charmed her way into hearts with her appearance in a Denny’s Canada commercial and showcased budding talent in the film Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas. While Elysia appreciates the opportunities she has had, she understands that she has much to explore and learn in the field of acting.

Currently, Elysia is honing her skills at King Creative Studios, a reputable academy known for nurturing emerging and professional talent. She has fully committed to her growth and improvement, soaking up knowledge from experienced mentors and engaging with like-minded peers. Acting isn’t her sole creative outlet, though; Elysia also finds joy in drawing and singing, showcasing her well-rounded artistic interests.

As she navigates her early career, Elysia is grateful for the support and opportunities she has received. The journey is just beginning, and she’s filled with anticipation about what the future holds. The spotlight may be on the horizon for this promising young actress, and she welcomes the adventure that awaits.