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Emily Errington

Non Union

Emily Errington is a driven 17 year old dancer and artist from Burlington, Ontario. She began dancing at a very young age and since then, has trained in various styles such as ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap, musical theatre, & partnering. From a young age, Emily has carried the vision of dancing professionally. Under the direction of Melissa Moore at JJ Dance Arts, Emily has had the privilege of being trained by Roberto Campanella, Amy Wright, Melissa Mitro, Hollywood Jade, Jennifer Mote, Jennifer Nichols, Jeff Dimitriou, Kelly Shaw, and Christina De La Cruz, to name a few of the industry’s leading choreographers. This program has furthered her education and has inspired her to fully commit herself to this industry. Emily continues to train in Toronto on a regular basis with more leading choreographers and dancers to expand her vocabulary and continually better herself.

Emily has had the opportunity of performing at Toronto Kids Fashion Week (2022), Fever after dark, and the DanzArts Festival to name a few. She has also started her backup dancing journey in music videos and in live performances. Emily’s biggest goal is to one day be a backup dancer for Taylor Swift and is eager to make this dream a reality. Due to her training in various styles, Emily is ready to take on any dance/movement role in different genres. On top of this, Emily is starting acting classes to be able to work confidently in speaking/voice roles.

Emily is very excited to see what is in store for the future and is looking forward to her artistic journey!