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Emily Fry


Emily grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and began dancing at the age of 2 at Pique Dance Studio. She developed a passion for singing and would perform at various community events and coffee house shows. She then discovered acting after finding herself on set of Mark Tonderai’s “House at the End of the Street” starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Graduating from TMU’s Performance: Dance program in April of 2017, Emily has trained with many acclaimed artists from the dance community. She has performed in numerous TMU shows, choreographing her own work as well as performing in works by James Kudelka and William Yong. This well rounded program allowed her to also train in both acting and singing. TMU’s program has lead her to many interesting performance opportunities such as musical theatre productions and a tour of Greece under the direction of Peggy Shannon, performing at David Foster’s Miracle Gala under the direction of Clarence Ford.

Versatility is a strength as she has trained in many styles including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, modern, Cuban, partnering, musical theatre, and highland. She competed for seven years, traveling to many places across Canada and the U.S. She traveled to Europe where she represented North America at the B.A.T.D. Stage Tap Scholarships in Blackpool, to the Dominican Republic to perform in the EDANCO festival. Emily participated in Show Choir Canada which lead her to win Top Female Dancer and a scholarship week at the Randolph academy. She has trained with ProArteDanza in their summer intensive, performing works by Robert Glumbeck and Shay Kuebler.

After graduating from TMU, Emily spent two years with the Raptors Dance Pak. Since then, she has been working in film and television while continuing to dance. She cannot wait to find new opportunities and continue to challenge herself. As a dancer, actor, and singer, Emily is passionate and driven to create and grow as an artist.