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Ethan Morris

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It was the night before Ethan was to deliver his first ever monologue, The Cat Apocalypse, when inspiration hit. He knew it was last minute and he knew it was risky but Ethan knew this would make his monologue stand out. It was a challenge. It was unique. It was on him and it felt right!

So just a few hours before he was to deliver his monologue, Ethan decided to develop a second character with dialogue. He knew he needed to distinguish between this new character and the original one from the monologue so that when he played both characters, the audience would understand what was happening. He rehearsed it and it paid off! His audience loved it! After hearing their reaction, Ethan knew he wanted to be an actor!

Ethan joined ActOUT! and KWGlee! During his second week at KWGlee he was invited to audition for and was subsequently given a solo part in the song, “Sing!”. He didn’t know it at the time but “Sing!” was going to be the opening number for the KWGlee performance at Center In The Square where for each performance, they played to audiences of about 2000 people. This was a first for Ethan! He was excited and nervous. He dedicated himself to delivering a fantastic performance! The song launched each show and confirmed for Ethan that performing was his future.

Ethan is always interested in opportunities where he can develop his skills further. He is taking singing classes at Vocal Versatility with Amanda Kind. When he joined ActOUT!, he performed in the play Marion where he was given Stage Fighting Training. Ethan loved using actual stage props and sword fighting with the other actors. At Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy, he is learning how to develop a character from script to screen.

Beyond his interest in performing, Ethan loves playing Dungeons and Dragons. He is an avid downhill skier and has been diving with the KWDiving Club for the past 2 years. He enjoys playing the electric guitar. He has taken piano and guitar lessons at ProMusic. He is very skilled at figuring out how to play his favourite songs on the piano or guitar without any sheet music. He listens to the song and figures out the notes and chords on his own.

Spider-Man is his favourite superhero. Someday he wants to live in NYC! In August of 2023 he fulfilled one of his dreams when he vacationed with his family in NYC. Ethan recalls, one day after they had eaten lunch, he asked to go into Macy’s to change into his Spider-Man costume (that he just happened to pack for the trip!!). He walked out of Macy’s looking and feeling just like Spider-Man! Ethan walked from Macy’s to Grand Central Station swinging around light posts and landing on the sidewalk in

Spider-Man poses. People driving in cars called out,”Hey Spider-Man! We need you!” Doormen were giving him high fives! Outside of Grand Central Station, an ice cream truck owner asked to take his picture eating a spiderman popsicle that the owner wanted to post on social media. Finally, when we went into Grand Central Station there was an Apple Store. Ethan, still in costume, proceeded to take selfies with the Apple phones in the store saying, “Imagine people when they open the phone and see pics of Spider-Man!” Best day ever!!

Ethan Morris was born in Ethiopia and raised in Ontario, Canada. He loves connecting with family and friends. He and his mom like hiking, biking, traveling together and camping. When they walk their dog, they enjoy catching up with events of the day or having deep conversations about life or time travel. Ethan loves to talk about “what if…” scenarios whether they be about a coming apocalypse or how come we are the only species that evolved on the planet.

Ethan is looking forward to being a part of KWGlee this Fall. He loves the feeling of community whenever he is part of Glee and ActOUT! Ethan is eager to audition for more solo opportunities. This June, he is playing the Sheriff in Marion, The True Tale of Robin Hood.

Ethan cannot put into words the excitement and love he has for performing. He can’t wait to see what opportunities await him as he launches his career in television, film and theater. Ethan believes that if they ever made a live action Miles Morales Spider-Man movie, that he would be an amazing Spider-Man!