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Evan Dolinski

Non Union

Evan came into this world over 6 weeks early, eager to embrace his life and has not looked back or slowed down. He found his voice at an incredibly early age and sang opera at the top of our stairs, entertaining anyone who would listen. When he started school, he loved entertaining his classmates and making them laugh, while acting out a scene from his favourite show, and we realised we needed to get him into performing.

Evan started working with Linus Hand Productions at an early age and performed in 4 Disney Productions. “The Little Mermaid” was his first big Disney Production, where he performed on stage in front of 1200 people. From the moment he first stepped out onto the stage, it was evident he had found his passion. The next production, “High school Musical” he was the main character, Troy Bolton, “Beauty and the Beast” he was The Baker and “Into the Woods” once again he was the main character, The Baker. Evan was the main character in an environmental awareness production called “Radioactive Spyder”, with Bravo Academy and one of the main characters Jason, in the production of “Falsettos”. In 2020, Evan was selected to play Clarence in the production of “Gypsy” with the prestigious Shaw Festival and in the summer, he won the “TD Jazz for the Ages” contest for vocals.

Evan has worked with two brilliant voice coaches. The international singer and performer, Tenja Hagenberg and works with the internationally recognized voice coach and performer, Elaine Overholt. He is well rounded, focused, determined and a hard-working A student, who loves learning. Evan has trained in karate for 8 years and has represented Canada in an International Karate Competition, played goalie on a travel hockey team, plays the ukulele, guitar, clarinet and is learning the violin.

His dream is to make it onto Broadway or the silver screen and will continue his hard work, dedication and focus to reach for the stars!