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Evangelina Strazzeri

Non Union

Evangelina (she/her), also known as Lina, is a 15-year-old twin sister from the Greater Toronto Area. With her vivid imagination, she loves adventure and to travel, seeking new adventures and opportunities to explore our diverse world including her heritage from Italy and England.

Over her 15 years she has studied several art disciplines including singing, painting, ukulele, and dance. Since performing in school plays and concerts, the theatre and entertainment industry are a passion driving her ambition for the performing arts. She is currently studying at Armstrong Acting Studios.

In her spare time, she enjoys studying the art of movie production with an emphasis on the teen, coming of age, genre movies, short films and TV shows. Most recently she has thoroughly studied the Harry Potter series and knows many of lines by heart. Furthermore, she has a love for the 80 and 90s music period including pop culture icons like Michael Jackson and Brittany Spears.

In addition to the preforming arts, Lina has trained in Kung Fu and Soccer as well as practiced and participated in several individual and team sports including but not limited to rollerblading, swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, skating and badminton. With a love for animals, she has also had horseback riding lessons.

Lina is determined and driven to achieve her goals successfully beyond expectations and is always willing to learn and grow. She is passionate, kind, thoughtful, approachable, friendly and takes instruction well (especially when she bakes)!