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Felicia Chiappetta


Felicia Chiappetta is a versatile and professionally trained dancer based out of Toronto. Recently, Felicia trained for 8 months in Seoul, South Korea in street, jazz funk and hip-hop foundational styles. She’s trained and performed with Just Jerk Academy (seen on America’s Got Talent) and SoulDance. Before this, Felicia performed for The Industry TO as one of their Season 5 Elite dancers; and has been a part of other Toronto showcases such as Prelude, Fever After Dark and Bazaar. She is continuously working with Toronto artists/companies to create quality music, promotion and concept videos.

What separates Felicia from other dancers is her continuous drive to perfect her craft. She was a member of Diana Matos’ MOTUS dance company and ‘Park!’, Bo Park’s Choreography workshop. Currently, she is a part of Toronto’s most elite training group, Proper Etiquette. Felicia has received her Honors BSc. In Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour at McMaster University. She was a valued member of Vie Division: McMaster’s Hip Hop Team, where she directed and choreographed for local competitions such as OUCH, BYOB and The Academy. Felicia trained competitively at Canadian Dance Unit (formerly known as JCSOD) in dance styles such as acro, contemporary, ballet, jazz, Latin and tap.

It has always been Felicia’s goal to network and learn from choreographers all over the world. She strives to use what she learns from them, and let it inspire her personal movement and creativity.