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Gabriel Guzman

Non Union

Gabriel “Gabo” Guzman (he/him) was born in Saint Albert, Alberta, Canada on May 16th, 2007. His dad was born in Colombia, and his mom was born in Venezuela, and they emigrated from South America to set roots in Canada where the climate was less political. Throughout his youth, Gabriel and his family moved multiple times, resulting in learning to speak English, intermediate Spanish and basic French.

Gabriel and his parents moved to South Beach, Miami, where at the age of 3, Gabriel remembers being exposed to more spoken Spanish and multiculturalism. When Gabriel began school, his parents moved back to Canada to the city of Montreal where he started school in french. They now call North Vancouver, BC, home.

He started showing interest in acting at a young age, and began exploring the craft in school plays. He loved creating storylines for the characters, and often received accolades from the drama department and peers. This led to formal training at Shoreline Studios in Vancouver, where he was able to build technique, focus, and confidence.

Because of Gabriel’s Latin American roots, he loves listening to Spanish singers like Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias, and singing karaoke and Spanish cartoons.