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Honoka Suda


Honoka (she/her) was born in Toronto to Japanese immigrant parents, and later lived in Hawaii and Japan for her father’s business before returning to Toronto. She has four siblings, an older brother and two younger sisters. She speaks Japanese fluently.

Honoka started her career as a model in 2019. Eventually after some experience in advertising and commercials, she decided to focus on acting. She has a passion for acting and really loves to dive into a role and find similarities with herself in them.

Even her bath time is most often spent pretending to be someone else, performing monologues, or singing!

Her out-of-school activities are gymnastics and kendo. She is new to kendo but loves it and enjoys practicing every week. She also likes drawing, reading books (in English or Japanese), singing, and coding.

Her goal is to become an international actor and to get the opportunity to work in Canada, US and Japan.