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Hugo Kovacic

Non Union

Hugo Kovacic is an athletic performer with a passion for the entertainment industry. From a young age, he has been captivating audiences, starting with his first modelling gig for a diaper ad and book covers. His love for performing continued to grow as he took to the stage in various circus shows, modelling shoots, and on-screen appearances. Hugo has showcased his talents across the country, with a memorable performance as an astronaut in “ROCKET MAN” in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Alongside acting Hugo is an elite race swimmer, a triathlon athlete and an incredible young acrobat.

Hugo is not only a talented performer but also a kind and collaborative individual who thrives on feedback. He has honed his skills at the Cirque-it, Work-it Circus School and the Leblanc School of Acting, participating in both group classes and private coaching. Eager and excited to continue his journey in the industry, Hugo Kovacic is a dynamic artist ready to bring his unique energy and talent to your next project.