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Indiana Mehta


Namaste! Meet Indiana Mehta, a trailblazing artist whose boundless passion and insatiable curiosity drive her to new heights in the world of performance. Recognized for her versatility on stage, screen, and in the voice realm, Indiana’s artistic journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

As a proud South Asian woman based in Toronto, Indiana celebrates her multicultural identity, fluently speaking three languages (English, Hindi, and Gujarati) and embracing the beauty of dance. A graduate of Laine Theatre Arts in the UK, Indiana’s commitment to her craft is evident in her continuous training in diverse dance styles, from ballet to street, at renowned studios like Studio North and Footnotes under Pyro.

Indiana’s initiation into the acting world began with the Netflix hit “Work It,” a transformative experience that fueled her desire to feel the on-camera thrill once again. Her journey includes invaluable training under esteemed mentors such as Lewis Baumander, Dean Armstrong, Marvin, Kim Hurdon, Denise Oliver, and Susan Hart, enriching her skills in acting and voiceover.

The tapestry of Indiana’s credits includes notable collaborations with Netflix, Sony, Amazon Prime, CBC, OLG Lotto, Nickelodeon, SunLife, Ikea, Bell Canada, Scotia Bank Arena, Colors TV, BBC India, Sony Music, and Dharma Productions, among others.

Her most recent role was Assistant Choreographer for The Next Step Season 9, working alongside mentor Amy Wright. The duo also earned the prestigious 2023 $10,000 Newcomer & Refugee Artist Mentorship Grant from the Toronto Arts Council.

Indiana’s unorthodox upbringing, supported by her family’s rare encouragement to pursue performing arts, has molded her into a committed, goal-oriented artist who finds joy in every endeavor. Starting the new year with acting training at Second City in Toronto, Indiana is also the co-founder of BollyHeelsTO, the company was awarded two grants to produce a dance-based musical centered around a South Asian Trans Drag Artist, set for an Ontario tour in 2024/25.

Ever passionate about inspiring the next generation, Indiana founded ‘Quick Ball Change,’ a recruiting agency for Dance Teachers/Adjudicators.

Her immediate goals include honing her acting and voiceover skills, while on a personal level, she strives to become a better version of herself, embracing the art of being present and the power of now.

Indiana Mehta’s professional journey is a testament to her resilience, versatility, and commitment to breaking barriers in the world of performing arts. With a heart full of joy and a spirit that soars, Indiana continues to captivate audiences and inspire those around her.