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Andrew “Pyro” Chung

Dance, Movement, Urban Styles, Choreography, Lifestyle, Automobiles & Motorcycles


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Everyone knows me as “Pyro,” and I’m a prominent figure in Toronto’s street dance scene, celebrated for winning over 50 North American street dance competitions since 2006. I have a deep passion for mentorship, leadership and creating, choreographing and directing stage and film and television projects.  I lead the “Twisted Ankles” dance crew and am a co-founding member of the “Footnotes Elite Training Camp”. Look for my social media video project called “Locking in a Different Light” where I showcase my content creation.  My driving passion is in expanding the street dance culture in Toronto and beyond and inspiring youth and other artists. 

My community is global with 30% of my following in Canada, 21% in USA and 40% of my engagement is global including India, Indonesia, Brazil & Turkey. My followers are 59% female and they are primarily Gen Z and Millenials.