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Anoshinie Muhundarajah

Dance, Movement, Bollywood, Lifestyle, Beauty, Choreography


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My passion is blending Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance with Western styles to create a signature fusion that can be celebrated worldwide. I began training at age five and have evolved into a global career where I teach and perform in places like England, Finland, and Australia. You may have seen me on Canada’s Got Talent, the Juno Awards, and the International Indian Film Awards to name a few. I am also an emerging actor, starring in acclaimed short films. I am dedicated to using my art to inspire and connect with communities through outreach teaching dance in places like orphanages and women’s centers. My mission in the arts is to empower and elevate those around me. 

My community of followers are 76% female identifying and are primarily Gen Z and Millenials. My followers are interested in film and television, restuarants, food, photography, clothing, family, friends and lifestyle. My largest following is in Canada and the United States as well as globally in places like India, UK, Australia and Malaysia and Singapore.