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Joseph “EverythingOShauN” Njoku

Music, Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Cars & Automotive


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I’m known as EverythingOShauN, an influencer and creator in the music scene. Born to Nigerian and Jamaican immigrant parents, I blend influences from Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, and the Toronto sound to create bold, melodic tracks. With my brother Xpress aka DJXP, I’ve released several acclaimed projects, including “Until Now” and “Almost Everything.” My music has been featured in major publications like Complex and Noisey and on popular playlists. Notably, my single “Load MGMT” was played during the Raptors’ games. My work has also been featured in films and TV series like “Heels” and “Mayor of Kingstown” and more.

My community is 47% in the USA and 11% in Canada & 4% in Nigeria. My followers are 64% male identifying. 48% of my followers are Millennials with 31% being Gen Z. My audience is interested in music, clothing, sports, electronics, travel, cars, luxury goods, gaming and more.