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Megan Caines

Dance, Fitness, Teaching & Choreography





Hey everyone, I’m Megan Caines, and I’m all about dance, fitness, teaching and choreography. As a content creator, I’m passionate about sharing my love of dance and inspiring people to embrace their fitness journeys. My specialties are acrobatics, ballet, jazz and contemporary dance at a high level. Whether I’m leading a fitness class or tutorial, crafting choreography or sharing motivational dance content, I’m dedicated to spreading positivity through movement. You may have already seen me on TV in shows like Disney’s “Backstage,” “Degrassi,” “Disney Zombies” and the Netflix original “Ginny and Georgia” or choreographing alongside Mia Michaels on the Netflix film “Feel the Beat” and more.  

My following is 64% female, 27% are GenZ and 26% are Millenials. My community is 46% Canadian and 30% American with engagement in many other countries like India to Brazil and Mexico. My mission is to unite people to dance, sweat, and promote health worldwide!