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Tiana Shern

Lifestyle, Dance, Food, Travel, Vlogging, Tutorials



I’m a content creator and influencer who shares my love for dance on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, amassing over 72 million likes on TikTok and millions of weekly views. I began dancing in 2012 with VYbE Dance Company and competed in several competitions, earning top placements. I combine dance and videography to work with brands like Aerie, Nike, and Samsung. I also organize community dance events and co-founded the REACH Post-Secondary Dance Competition. My passion is inspiring others to be active and creative through dance.

My community is over 75% female identifying with over 50% being Gen Z. My followers are global with 39% in the US and reaching places like Canada, UK, Australia, Philippines, Germany, France, Indonesia and more. My followers interests include fashion, beauty, restaurants, music, travel, sports, cars, electronics, activewear, shopping & retail, luxury goods, healthy lifestyle and more.