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Isabella Rose Boaretto


Isabella Boaretto is a dancer, actress, and performance artist from Toronto, Ontario. Performance and entertainment have been a very strong passion of hers for many years. She has dedicated her time to learning new interpretations of the art form, training in many different styles of dance including modern, ballet, acrobatics, contemporary, lyrical and hip hop. Along with technical advancements in dance, Isabella has studied the craft of acting, and has completed a number of courses and workshops to improve her performing skills.

Her artistic journey continued after graduating from an Ontario Secondary school Regional Arts Program in 2018. She has recently completed her first choreographic and multidisciplinary work “Now you hear me, now you don’t” presented by York University. Upon completion of her degree in York University Dance program, Isabella left within the last few months of her fourth year of education to begin working abroad with MD company, a hip-hop contemporary company performing in France and Martinique. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in choreography while touring abroad.

A recent accomplishment includes working with Netflix/Fever on the live experience adaption of the most viewed English-language series on Netflix in 2022 ‘Bridgerton’.