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Izzy Watson

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Israel “Izzy” Watson is an active 9 year old of Jamaican and Trinidadian background.  He is a competitive hip hop and acro dancer.  Izzy dances with maturity way beyond his years as he comes from a family of dancers. His Dad, David, has a dance background, along with his two older sisters Harmony and Radiance, who are also competitive dancers and part of the Regional Arts Program at their school.

Izzy displayed his love for dance at a young age.  By age 5, he started training in hip hop competitively. Through his love of dance, he started to show interest in parkour. He taught himself how to do backflips, front flips, aerials, and the splits.  His strength, flexibility and fearlessness led to him training in acro at 7 years of age. He currently trains / attends dance workshops and is part of the competitive dance team at Dancercise studio.

On stage his high energy, and love for performing led him to try out and successfully become a member of the Raptors Lil Ballas Dance Team. At 8 years old, he performed at numerous sold out Scotiabank Centre games during the 2019 Raptor’s Championship Playoff season and Raptor’s Championship Parade.

Since Izzy joined Lil Ballas, he has performed on Breakfast Television, was a guest dance performer on YTV and Mini Pop Kids’ Youtube channel. As a Lil Ballas member, his favourite memory was meeting the former U.S. President Barak Obama.

When Izzy is not dancing or pakouring, he spends his time outdoors, either, skateboarding, riding his scooter, playing basketball, soccer, or at home playing video games with his friends.  He loves eating all types of cuisine, watching anime, going swimming and making people laugh.  He is a ball of energy with a great sense of humour and brings life to any room he walks into.  He aspires to be an entertainer of all forms.