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Jackson Jull


A native of Toronto, Jackson’s earliest exposure to moving images came through Wallace & Gromit shorts which naturally lead to Buster Keaton films and the wonder and potential of [human] performance.

Equally inspired by Jackie Chan and Mark Rober, Jack loves to entertain; whether it’s crossing his eyes (weird), inverting his eyelids (gross), or freestyling opera stanzas (not a recommended request). He maintains a keen interest in the sciences, arts and history, just as happy to expound on shark facts as he is to scale the heights of the nearest tree or bomb downhill on his snowboard.

At a young age he was cast to appear in a scene opposite Mackenzie Davis in the Emmy nominated HBO Max series Station Eleven where, like his early idols, he was able to participate in his first stunt. Sadly the knife she threw into his back got cut from the scene for tonal reasons but he enjoyed the process nonetheless, earning praise and gratitude for his patience and professionalism from veteran director Helen Shaver. Even with the challenges of shooting under Covid protocols he greatly enjoyed the experience and looks forward to pursuing future acting opportunities.

Jackson appreciates and welcomes positivity, excitement and a collective pursuit towards a better future for the world and everyone in it.