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Jacqueline Stienstra

Non Union

Jacqueline Stienstra (she/her) is from Milton Ontario, which is a town just outside of Toronto. She is a Latina (Argentine descendant) / Canadian Actor, Singer and Dancer. She is passionate, kind, hardworking and focused in achieving her career goals. She has loved performing since she was a child and started studying singing more seriously at the age of 13.

She performed the role of Cinderella when she was a young girl in a school play and it has been a character that has stuck with her throughout her career. Jacqueline has performed as Cinderella as an adult in two different cities (Milton and Toronto). The magic and optimism of Cinderella is something she keeps close to her heart and brings that positive, sweet, dedicated energy to her work. (The photo to the right is one of Jacqueline performing as Cinderella in the Annex Theatre, Toronto). From a young age she knew that performing would be her career and that she would work hard to make her dreams a reality.

Jacqueline studied at Sheridan College in the Performing Arts Preparation Program (graduated 2016) and at Randolph College For The Performing Arts (graduated 2018). Since graduation she has worked in both theatre and film. Her most recent film project is The Rage which has won over 14 awards in various film festivals. She also played the lead in the feature film Crated which has over 9.5 million views on Youtube.

Jacqueline is delighted to be working with da Costa and excited to see how her career will unfold with them at her side.