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Jake Reimer

Non Union

Jake Reimer (he/him) is an artist, musician, content creator, and
streamer who is passionately diving into his newest artistic endeavour to
show the world what he can do as an actor.

Jake has toured Canada as the audacious frontman of the “raunch and
roll” band, Voltang. He amazed audiences all over the country with his
uniquely loud screaming voice and over-the-top energy. Jake has
starred in all of Voltang’s music videos, establishing his onstage persona
as a fully-fledged character.

On the internet, Jake has had a strong presence over social media
platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and especially Twitch where
he produced and hosted a weekly video game stream, Press X. Jake
often would treat the live stream as a theatrical performance and act as
different characters, much to the chagrin of his co-hosts. This made for
memorable and exciting moments that kept their online community
coming back weekly.

In 2019, Jake had the opportunity to participate in an art project called
Bong Mansion which turned an old mansion on the verge of being
demolished into a temporary studio for content creators, film-makers
and musical acts. Jake acted as producer, host, and friend to the artists
and was featured in many of the videos that came out of the mansion.

Jake is ready now to commit to his newest endeavour as an actor, eager
to show off his range of voices. He has attended a voice acting
workshop with industry veteran, Ron Rubin, and continues to hone his
craft every day.

Jake Reimer promises to put 100% of his passion and unique
perspective into all of his projects with a drive to become a great and
memorable artist.