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Jakin Cadieux

Non Union

Jakin, a dynamic Indigenous and Acadien artist, is celebrated for his talents as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. A graduate of the Regional Arts Program, he honed his exceptional vocal abilities, leading to a successful career. Jakin has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry, notably in the ZIK 2 TV series and a poignant commercial for the Help Phone Line. His on-screen charisma earned him the Best New Artist award in Los Angeles.

Beyond his musical achievements, Jakin is recognized for his humor, go-getter attitude, and reliability. A true people person, Jakin brings warmth and authenticity to every project. In addition to his solo endeavors, he also performs in a tribute group dedicated to the iconic Backstreet Boys. His versatility extends to the visual realm, where he’s been featured in multiple music videos. His latest work, the captivating “Pity Party,” showcases Jakin’s ability to blend storytelling with musical expression, promising a bright future in the world of entertainment.