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James Coupland


James Coupland is an actor, stuntman and fight choreographer from Vancouver, BC. His love for performing arts started at a very young age through martial arts films. This would bring him to begin training in multiple forms of martial arts where he would end up competing in many disciplines. Years later after living overseas, woking as an underwater welder, James returned to Vancouver to pursue a career as an actor and stuntman.

Since moving back to Vancouver, James has worked as an actor with acclaimed director Neiil Blomkamp and has led as a stunt double in multiple shows including Shogun (FX), Fire Country (Paramount) and Virgin River (Netflix) to name a few. He has also appeared in other productions such as Legends of Tomorrow (CW), Peacemaker (Warner Brothers), Van Helsing (SYFY) and Wu Assassins (Netflix).

His enjoyment for exploring characters has led his focus to acting. He brings intensity and excitement to every project. His love for learning and training has only grown stronger through the years as he continues training as an actor and martial artist.