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Jason Wolff

Non Union

Jason Wolff (they/he/she) is a gender-nonconforming actor, singer, and dancer based in the GTA. Starting their performance career at thirteen years old, Jason knew that they belonged on stage, and was ready to get to work. After attending Etobicoke School of the Arts for their final year of high school, Jason began their journey at Sheridan College for the Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance program, planning to graduate in 2025.

Jason Wolff grew up training in martial arts, specialising in taekwondo. They always had a sort of knack for music, teaching themself piano, and other instruments. Jason writes for orchestra, and hopes to bring some of their pieces to life in the musical theatre world. They wish to write stories that shed light on the struggles of the queer, non-binary, and disabled communities, among many others.

Jason has been commended for having a strong voice and a powerful stage presence. Having the experience of performing as Sky in Mamma Mia! And Laurie in Little Women in their home town of Georgetown Ontario, Jason has met many incredible people who have supported them along this arduous journey, and had the opportunity to originate a role as the Twins (Ben and Arthur) in Fixer: A New Musical. Jason works hard, and takes every opportunity they can. They are very excited to see what the future has in store, and the stories they can tell.