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Jendayi Dyer


Jendayi Dyer began her journey in the Toronto dance scene in 2006. Her training in street dance styles such as hip hop, popping, locking, house, breaking, waacking and dancehall has brought her to stages across Canada.

In both 2012 and 2013 Jendayi was one of three dancers nominated at the Manifesto Floor Awards for “Upcoming All Styles Under 18” Dancer of the Year. A couple of highlights from her career thus far include a principle role in the feature film “Full Out” directed by Sean Cisterna, dancing for UK artist Berlane Gavino, and most recently Jendayi played a principal dancer in the film “Disney’s Zombies 2”.

Jendayi proudly represents Footnotes Elite, Twisted Ankles Dance Crew and has co-founded an all-female street dance crew, ‘House of Hunniez’. Beyond performing, she also enjoys giving back to her community through her role as an artist with Unity Charity. Jendayi has been fortunate enough train with some of the city’s best dancers and choreographers, and she continues to further pursue her passion with a crew of like-minded dancers who continue to inspire and motivate her.