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Jessie DaSilva

Non Union

Jessie DaSilva is a creative, passionate young artist who currently resides in Toronto Ontario. At the young age of two Jessie began her journey in dance at Art and Soul Dance Company in Kleinburg, Ontario training in Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, Contemporary, Ballet, Point, Tap and Ballroom.

Jessie started winning overall awards, top score awards, titles and scholarships for dance as a Mini and has continued to achieve impressive accolades as a Teen.

During the pandemic Jessie continued to grow as an artist. She explored acting with Armstrong Studios in Toronto Canada. She quickly realized how natural it felt and she was able to continue to progress her skills as an actress. She truly enjoyed her experience of being on set as a dancer for the movie “Deadly Dance Moms”. Jessie has modelled for KG Photography, Athetix Academy, Northern Movement and Art and Soul Dance Company.

Outside of the arts Jessie enjoys all water sports and swimming in her pool with her brother. She has a very special brother and her whole life she’s proudly taken the role of being the big sister to her older brother. She also enjoys going for a long bike ride and playing tennis or basketball with her friends.

Jessie is currently at High School at Holy Cross in their High Performance Program and is determined to follow her dreams as a dancer/actress.