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Jhassan Webster

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Jhassan Alexander Webster Olliver is a multi-talented child actor embarking on an exciting journey in the entertainment industry. Known for his vibrant energy and creative spirit, Jhassan combines his love for anime and music with a budding passion for acting. A dedicated student, he excels in his school’s bridge French program, nurturing his linguistic skills.

Jhassan’s cultural roots shine bright as he competes in the Toronto Caribbean Jr Carnival, securing 3rd place in his first year. His performance as a magical unicorn, complete with a large, wheel-based costume, showcased his flair for dramatic expression. This same passion drives him in athletics, where he triumphantly secured 2nd place in the 100 mt dash and 3rd in the finals, illustrating his determination and athletic prowess.

In his journey toward acting, Jhassan completed a specialized training class with Matthew Sauvé, fostering a love for improvisation. His ability to spontaneously embrace roles and create captivating scenes speaks to his natural talent. Jhassan’s musical journey is equally impressive; as a member of Sistema, he skillfully juggles drums, cello, and singing, highlighting his diverse artistic abilities.

Jhassan’s creativity extends beyond performing arts. He enjoys choreographing dance routines, often teaching his mother the latest TikTok moves and excelling in the sturdy dance. In the kitchen, he’s a budding chef, eagerly lending a hand and showcasing culinary skills. His artistic talents are further evidenced in his drawing abilities, particularly in creating computer-illustrated anime fan art, a testament to his love for anime and Pokémon card collecting.

A gifted storyteller, Jhassan enjoys crafting alternate endings to his favorite movies, sharing these imaginative narratives with his family. His ability to get into character and narrate with intricate detail hints at a promising future in acting.

Jhassan thrives under the creative influence of his family: an uncle in acting, a mother skilled in wardrobe for film, and an aunt as his best friend and supporter. He is further nurtured by his grandparents, akin to second parents, and his father, who instills crucial values of self-discipline and self-awareness. This strong familial support, coupled with his joyful creativity and versatility, positions Jhassan as an emerging talent with a bright future in the industry.