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Jillian Dallan

Non Union

Jillian (she/her) has always been a natural performer. She is full of spunk and just loves life. She is often found upside down practicing her cheer tricks or reading a book in her room. She has quite the imagination and is always coming up with stories about pink, fluffy unicorns, and narwhals.

Currently Jillian is training at Supreme Cheerleading in Burlington, Ontario. She fell in love with cheer at a summer camp when she was just 4 and is now a competitive cheerleader. You can usually spot her anywhere in the room as she’s the one always jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face.

Jillian recently discovered voice work and has really enjoyed training at the Infinity Forge in Hamilton with Stephanie Yelovich. She has had a lot of fun creating her own cartoons and making up the voices for each of the characters.

Jillian loves playing outside with her friends, swimming, biking, reading, writing stories, crafts, and playing Roblox. Just like her big sister Kaitlyn, she also loves the outdoors and looks forward to summer camping trips with her family and friends.