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Jordan Michael Phouttharath


Jordan loved watching music videos and action movies as a child. He would practice martial arts, sing and dance at home. It wasn’t until the age of 13 that he was put into martial arts and dance classes. Jordan started cheerleading and gymnastics at the age of 15 under the close guidance and coaching of David Tracey (Team Canada & UWO head coach). In dance Jordan attended many classes and competed for many studios over his career and training. He excelled even more during his trips to train in North Hollywood Los Angeles. He has trained in various styles of dance including breakdance, hiphop, contemporary, jazz, ballet, & latin.

In martial arts Jordan has extensive training in may Thai, jujitsu, wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, kung fu, tai kwon do, karate, XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) and weaponry (double short sword, short bo staff, and throwing knives). In Gymnastics & cheerleading leading Jordan has over 6 years of experience. He cheered and trained tumbling/gymnastics at the Power Cheer Gym Vipers facility under coach David Tracey. He has trained and competed at a level 6 unlimited category and has a very high level of tumbling and acrobatics skills.

Jordan has also instructed and choreographed for many studios and workshops in Ontario. He has experience instructing and choreographing for beginner to advanced levels in hiphop, breakdance, Acrobatics and contemporary. He has choreographed many competition entries as well. Jordan has worked on many productions and performances. These include the aqua show HiRO on board the Symphony of the Seas Royal Caribbean, The Illusionists Live from Broadway 2018 North America Tour, World of Dance, Wishing of a Jewish Christmas CAISA Fashion Show and many more.

You will always find Jordan in some type of studio, gym, stage, set, or dojo because his passion is to continuously perform and entertain. He continues to learn and grow with the teachings and wisdom of his mentors and peers.