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Juliana Qian

Non Union

Juliana is an experienced dancer/choreographer with over 8 years of Street dance training and 3 years of Jazz/Acro experience. She discovered her love for dance at a young age through her mother -who was also a dancer. They shared a special bond through similar interests. Juliana had recently lost her mother to cancer, but continues to push herself even more and never give up for that reason.

Juliana trained under Pyro of Twisted Ankles and Founder of Footnotes back in 2010. From there, she joined Tense Image -a Popping & Animation crew in 2013. She has also been a member of the Vybe Family and choreographed for competitions they have won and placed in. She plans to travel and re-visit countries abroad, including South Korea to continue to learn and train from her idols.

Juliana blends her street dance style into her choreography which allows her to utilize both passions to express the best version of herself. She also exerts her creativity by making Youtube and TikTok videos which serves as another form of expression for her. She will continue to stay an ambitious artist who will continue learning and growing searching for the path to fulfill her dreams.