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Kathy Vuu


Kathy Vuu is a dancer, actor, and performer based in Scarborough, Ontario. She started her dance journey through breaking at the age of 12, and ventured into different styles such as urban dance, hip-hop, ballet, modern, and jazz during highschool. She continued to explore different styles during her university time such as jazz funk, locking, and house. She has directed and choreographed for dance teams such as EVO and IE Crew and has performed in multiple dance events such as Drop The Beat (featuring Just Jerk Crew), WOD Los Angeles, WOD Montreal, Prelude Toronto, and Fever After Dark. Kathy has also trained under national and international choreographers such as Shavar Blackwood, Joyce Nguyen, Kevin Van Nguyen, Bada Lee, and Jerome Esplana.

Kathy has also studied theatre at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts and received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at York University. She has also worked with Darren O’Donnell and Nicole Bauzin for many films, such as High School Health for Luminato Festival and Teen Thoughts for CBC Arts: The Collective, and continues to work with Darren O’Donnell under Mammalian Diving Reflex as a junior coordinator of many projects.

Kathy believes that hard work and determination will pay off through the continuous self-development of oneself whether it be career-based or in everyday life. She wishes to be one of the many androgynous Asian artists that will pave the way for the future generations of other queer Asian artists. In her downtime, she loves learning k-pop dances and sharing them online with those who love k-pop as much as her. She hopes to eventually be able to network, learn and perform with choreographers she looks up to, or be able to perform next to k-pop idols.