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Keda Edwards Pierre


Keda Edwards Pierre brings a unique and unorthodox mixture of talent, training and real-life experience to her acting career. Though she caught the acting bug playing Fay Lillman in a high school theatrical production of “Flowers of Algernon”, Keda went on to a career as a Toronto police officer. Over the next 26 years in law enforcement, Keda witnessed and became part of a wide berth of human experiences. Her policing experiences, joyous and tragic, brought her a wealth of knowledge and insight – which have transferred into a rich and powerful presence in her acting roles.

Keda’s professional experiences and training, in both acting and policing have contributed significantly to the vibrancy and authenticity of her repertoire of skills. She hadn’t realized how police training in firearms, driving, defensive tactics, investigations and more, could translate into the acting world; or how acting training could contribute to her work in law enforcement! As a result, Keda has a valuable ability to make meaningful connections with a broad spectrum of people and tell compelling stories – which has led her to play many vibrant roles. Keda performed a debut cast role in “Da Kink in My Hair” (Theatre Passe Muraille, Harbourfront Kuumba Black History Festival & Halifax Fringe) – which toured internationally, a cast role in Artwood Theatre’s production of “The Gods Are Not to Blame”, and performed in Up from the Roots’ production of “Lot 1975” (Written by Weyni Mengesha).

Keda’s unique and versatile voice has also brought her into a space where culture, technology and human experiences meet: voice-overs! Entering an arena with virtually no boundaries, Keda has taken her voice far beyond the police walkie-talkie to more listening ears – through live audiences, radio and the Internet. Her commanding presence and captivating voice, transform listeners from being bystanders to participants in the stories and messages that Keda brings to life. The richness of Keda’s sound infuses voice-over projects with a naturally expressive voice quality, compelling authenticity, vibrant energy and broad appeal. In a generous and thoroughly engaging way, Keda infuses her voice and acting with a relatable quality – creating a space where people can see and nurture their own human experiences in the stories she shares.