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Kevin Badali

Non Union

Kevin has written and been involved with a number of short films and a feature film as both writer and director. Furthermore he spent 8 years training in American Ballroom Dancing, culminating in a year and a half of teaching before COVID hit. Since then he has been training in Voice Acting with Sunday Muse – and is now ready to bring the characters on a page to life through his voice.

Stories are what defines who we are, they are what shape the view we have of the world. This has been the driving force for Kevin ever since he decided to be a part of the creative industry, taking the opportunities that he can, to tell his own stories. From film, to writing, to dancing, Kevin pursues his goal in a variety of different mediums. Having discovered the richness of voice acting, he has honed his passion, and focuses on voice acting to be his primary driver for his creative outlet.