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Kevin Harries

Non Union

Kevin Harries (he/him) has been a professional voice actor for the past 5 years. Over this time, he has carved a niche for himself in two different extremes of the voice acting world.

He performs clear, captivating corporate, technical, e-learning and documentary narration – plus a range of commercial reads. He is precise and authentic, while still being warm and engaging for the audience. 

And, he has acted in audio dramas, short films, dubbing, children’s animation and video games, getting rid of his stress voicing animated characters – mostly big, ugly ogres (who may or may not have a heart of gold) and absurd, cartoonish characters.

Past acting credits include Galaxie (France5), 4k Heritage TV, Flesh Wound Features and Plarium Games, with corporate clients including Mercedes-Benz, Walmart and Ricoh.

He has completed the Voice Actor Fundamentals diploma from George Brown College, as well as multiple improv and acting classes at Second City.

Prior to his voice over career, Kevin spent more than two decades in a corporate environment, working in customer service, project management and product management before finally landing in digital marketing for many years, where he rekindled his passion for voice – something he’d been missing ever since his university days at CHUO radio.

Kevin brings a combination of resonance and warmth to every project he is involved in, combined with a mature professionalism honed by years in the corporate world dealing with a wide variety of clients and partners.