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Kevin Li


Kevin “Shazam” Li (he/him) is an actor, dancer and choreographer best known for his hand choreography work on the American fantasy TV series The Magicians.

Kevin recently worked on the premiere Apple TV series SEE as a movement researcher, choreographer, and coach under the direction of the movement director, Paradox Pollack.

Kevin started dancing after moving from Hong Kong to Vancouver in 2009. He fell in love with hip hop and other street/club dance styles such as locking and house. He then joined SOULdiers, a part time training company that focuses on hip hop and other street dance styles.

After that spending three years with SOULdiers, Kevin went on to focus on tutting and flow arts. He practiced with the Vancouver circus community and explored prop and tutting hybrid dance. He also joined Technicru and started training in animation dance.

In 2014, Kevin took a leap of faith and joined Modus Operandi, a Vancouver based contemporary dance training program with zero contemporary dance experience. The directors Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond recognized his street dance ability and gave him a chance. The four year professional development program focusing on technical, artistic, choreographic and collaborative skills prepared him for a wide breadth of work in dance and movement.

Kevin is interested in all kinds of dance and art, he is especially interested in how different forms, styles, elements, and cultures intersect. He would like to continue exploring and bridging different forms, different cultures and their communities.