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Khalid Alausa

Non Union

Khalid is an adventurous and intelligent teenager who lives in Oakville, Ontario. He moved to Canada in 2018 with his family from the United Kingdom.

Khalid showcased his acting skills as the lead role in Doug and Terry’s Great Holiday Power Hour as Mr. Frowst. He would mimic characters on TV shows and movies, and with his continuous persistence in wanting to be on screen and become an actor, Khalid started scouting for acting and voiceover classes. His parents enrolled him in voice and acting classes. He enjoys acting and using his new techniques that help him connect with his roles.

His favourite subjects in school are science, math, and creative writing. In his free time, he volunteers as a student tutor in his math class, teaching other children the concept of learning. He enjoys spending quality time with his family and playing basketball with his friends. He enjoys shopping, travelling, playing piano, biking, tennis, basketball, swimming, and singing.

Khalid is an energetic, social butterfly who enjoys expressing himself.