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Kiera Sangster


Kiera Sangster grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Brought up by a single Mother along with a bevy of fantastic family members. It was taught to follow our dreams and make them reality only if it made our souls happy. Kiera Sangster is just doing what she was always told.

Charismatic, intense personal characteristics and vas range of dance training allowed Kiera to make a name for her self in and around the Toronto area. Attending one of the most prestigious Art schools in Toronto, Claude Watson School for the Arts. In this life changing institute regular academic studies along with Mime, Drama, Vocal, Band, Visuals Arts, and of course Dance was honed and taught on a daily bases. Thru her over 20 years of dance training Kiera has had the chance to perform in various Commercials, Industrials, Movies and Stage shows. The most memorable movie “Bojangles” starring and dancing along side the world renowned Gregory Hines. A dream had come true. Though she had performed in various Industrials, Concerts and Stage shows, this experience was by far the largest dance job to date. Commercials have always been a part of her life. Throughout her teens the list of Commercials, whether she was dancing or acting far out weighed the norm among others her age. One commercial that broke the mold was working along side Clarence Ford and Vince Carter in a Nike Corp. remake of “Roocker Park”. Though this was an acting debut this budding talent was not known until a few years later. Then came a chance of a lifetime. The chance came to become a company member at world-renowned The Shaw Festival. Now with four seasons under her belt the knowledge, strength and professionalism had been gained in the art of the Theatre. Performing in various productions raging from Pal Joey, Pygmalion, Gypsy, and The President not to leaving out the wonderful off beat farce Hotel Peccadillo. Kiera is one of the most privileged individual for her age. Wonderful experiences over the years have only proved to be stepping stones and a great climb in this raising star career. With a bit of luck and a forever-growing basket of talent this young stars ride has only just begun.