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Kirstie Cameron

Non Union

Kirstie Cameron is a bright performer who leads with passion, energy, and positivity! Kirstie instantly fell in love with dance when she started training at the age of 3 in her hometown of Black Point, Nova Scotia. Her excitement for all things creative has only continued to grow since then. Kirstie is now a versatile dancer, having trained and explored in many styles including jazz, jazz funk, hip hop, musical theatre, heels, contemporary, ballet and more. She grew up competing at dance competitions in various cities in North America and achieved many awards, scholarships, and recognition. At just 17 years old, Kirstie was accepted into the premier Peridance Center Program in New York City where she trained extensively with world renowned teachers and choreographers in many styles, both commercial and classical genres.

Kirstie has lived, trained, and worked in NYC, LA, and in Toronto, where she currently resides. Performing in these 3 major cities allowed Kirstie to combine influence from each to develop her personal style, as well as gaining knowledge and experience from the three unique industries.

Recently, Kirstie has been expanding her training and experience into acting, which lead to her role as Eleven in Stranger Things: The Experience Toronto presented by Netflix & fever. Kirstie has utilized her commercial and technical training in opportunities such as a NBA dancer for the Raptor’s North Side Crew, NBA Japan Games in Tokyo, Netflix, Adidas ‘Superstar’ Campaign, Tory Lanez Halftime performance, Deborah Cox live performance, back up dancer for Nathan Davis Jr., and SONY music Canada to name a few.

Kirstie loves to dance, act, teach, and adjudicate. She is continuously aiming to further hone her craft in both dance and acting, training at studios such as LB Acting Studio and various dance studios across North America.

Kirstie is extremely thankful for the opportunities that have come her way and she is always striving and excited to create more.