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Non Union

My name is Knox Niejadlik (he/him) and I go by Knoxy with my friends, family and industry. I am entering into Grade 5 French Immersion in Burlington, Ontario. I enjoy languages, math and science. I am an avid dancer and performer. I can dance any style and I absolutely love to perform. Recently I went to Spain to participate in the World Dance Cup. It was an amazing experience as I had the opportunity to dance with kids a lot older than me, so I learned a lot. My favourite place was Madrid. I really enjoy history as well, so this trip was fun to plan out all the places we could go and see.

I am known within my family to be the entertainment crew at all our family get togethers. They call me the cruise ship host. I like to put together PowerPoints with music and have activities lined up for the gathering.

Other activities I enjoy are playing soccer, swimming, baseball, basketball and recently track and field. I hope to go on to have a career in entertainment and go to business school.