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Kyle Strauts


Kyle Strauts (he/him) is a multi faceted artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. With a heavy background in movement ranging from professional athlete and professional dancer to parkour specialist and stunt person, Kyle touches all the nuance and creativity of mastery. Combining this skill set with his craft as an actor, Kyle has found immense success in the industry working with a host of high profile studios such as Disney, Lionsgate, Nickelodeon and Netflix to name a few.

Kyle considers himself a lifelong learner and spends the majority of his time honing his craft, pursuing mastery in other extraneous skill sets ie: singing, bow staff, martial arts, mountaineering and script writing. He is also in love with world travel and believes that experiencing other cultures reveals more about himself and adds insight to the stories he creates. At the core, Kyle is a story teller and is always trying to be find a way to live life holistically and nurture the creative mindset that allows an artist to flourish in the ever changing climate of cinema.