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Kylie Tupy

Non Union

Kylie has always loved singing, her favourite songs to sing are from musicals. Every time she discovers a new musical, she memorizes all the songs and performs them to anyone who will listen. Her top 3 are Six, Mean Girls and Annie. Then in 2019, she watched her first musical in person, Billy Elliott: The Musical. That was when Kylie realized that she wanted to be a performer. She got so caught up in the story and performance that she became very emotional. She said she wanted to make people feel like that.

Kylie loves being on stage during dance competitions that she competed in with her dance studio, Dimensions In Dance. She dances Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Acro under the teachings of Kimberly Kay, Kathryn Kuwabara, and Jay T. Schramek.

Kylie enjoys art, skating, tobogganing, biking, making Gatcha edits and posting them on TIKTOK. She is also into Cosplay, dressing up as several anime characters.