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Lana Levitan

Non Union

Lana began her performing career as soon as she was born. Always happy, wide eyed and engaging, she embraces every opportunity to captivate her audience. She was barely 10 months old, when enthralled by the Gangnam Style video, she concentrated on perfecting the dance moves. She stunned her parents and friends at an early age by her ability to make herself shed a real tear for no reason or tell a magnificently tall tale other than to enjoy the reaction. Acting and performing is instinctive to her. These days, she is a devotee of Tik Tok dance routines that are executed with precision and a joyous smile.

Lana is not shy and the camera loves her. She portrayed a otherworldly child in several episodes of the pilot series, Garden Avenue and had no problem making you believe she was in tune with an alternate world. Lana was thrilled to play the young, sword swinging Diana Prince in the Wonder Woman 1984 – Epic Parody Trailer for The Sean Ward Show: the #1 most watched Superhero fan channel on YouTube with 4.69 million subscribers and more than 2.7 billion views.

Never hesitant, a quick learner of lines and a projector of her inner joy, Lana is excited to be part of the daCosta Talent Team and ready to give her audition all.