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Lauren Chew

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Lauren Chew is a very driven and passionate performer, born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. She began dancing at the age of 3 and has spent the past 11 years profoundly developing her dance vocabulary to be as versatile and well rounded as possible. Lauren has been both competitively and professionally trained in various styles such as jazz, ballet, contemporary, modern, acrobatics, contortion, partnering, tumbling, hand balancing, freestyle, lyrical, and hip hop.

Lauren was a competitive dancer for 10 years with KaliAndrews Dance Company, where she became a force in competitions, winning numerous titles and overall high score awards for her solos in a variety of different styles. Lauren has gained much recognition from many world renowned dancers and choreographers who she has had the privilege of working closely with. Some of these individuals include Jaci Royal, Mitchell Jackson, Audrey Case, Derek Piquette, Jordan Clark, Chris Babcock, Kafi Pierre, and many others. Lauren graduated from Canterbury Arts High School, studying in the dance program, where she explored the roots of ballet and modern dance.

Lauren has participated in many British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D) examinations for ballet, jazz, and acrobatics, resulting in various honours certificates and scholarship invitations. In April 2021, Lauren assisted Kali Wegg in teaching the worldwide B.A.T.D acrobatic skills and partnering, teacher’s conference for dance instructors across the world.

Lauren has been invited to perform and open for multiple national WE Day live events with her dance team from 2016 to 2019 including backup dancing for Paula Abdule. Lauren was also invited to perform at Canada 150 celebration on Parliament Hill with her dance team, Alessia Cara, Walk Off The Earth, Lilly Singh, and many other amazing guest performers.

In July 2022, Lauren was accepted into Jaci Royal’s Royal Flux Factor and Flux on Film summer intensive where she had the opportunity to closely learn from many influential people in the industry such as Jaci Royal, Talia Favia, Wade Robson, Kirsten Russell, Brooke Pierotti, Elizabeth Petrin, Mandy Korpinen, Will Thomas, Audrey Case, and Aaron Adam.

Lauren is focused on continuously growing as an artist and is working hard everyday to further enhance her dance training. She is beyond excited for her future in the entertainment industry!