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Lawrence Barry


For over thirty years, Lawrence Barry has been an actor in theatre and film/television with many career highlights, most notably a 2017 CSA nomination for Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in the feature film Riverhead.

Other highlights include sharing the screen with Ethan Hawk in Maudie, the late Willam Hurt in Rare Birds, and Brendan Gleeson in The Grand Seduction, directed by Don McKellar. While on the set of The Grand Seduction performing as a small town mayor he had the privilege of working with fellow Newfoundlanders the late great Gordon Pinsent and the very funny and talented Mark Critch. He continued to work with Critch as Mr. Chafe, the school’s vice-principal, in three seasons of the eponymously named TV series Son of a Critch.

Coming from a small blue-collar Newfoundland town, opportunities to pursue acting were minimal; however, that didn’t stop Lawrence. He became involved with the local theatre company and won a theatre scholarship that brought him to St. John’s, NL. He performed in many theatre festivals and productions, including one under the direction of Richard Rose, enlivening characters from Shakespeare to Chekov to Behan to French. He then started on the somewhat daunting yet exciting path to film and television.

Lawrence decided to check out Hollywood North and spent some time in Toronto. While there he did voice training with David Smukler, an acting for the camera course with John Borland, as well as other film/television training. He also acted in numerous student films and in theatre in Toronto and Montreal.

Like many Newfoundlanders, the draw to return home was undeniable. His affinity for nature kept him close to it by delving into building a log cabin and living off grid while performing at a local theatre company. His penchant for music led him to learn numerous instruments. He has completed and continues work on a number of paintings, a couple of which he has sold. His love of reading and acting compelled him to write a play or two with others in progress.

The breadth of characters Lawrence has had the opportunity to perform has greatly and deeply enriched his abilities to portray an array of characters, pursuing each role with professionality, honesty, and reverence. His indomitable spirit has and will continue to push him to learn, grow, and embrace any challenge.