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Lilly Dean

Non Union

Lilly has an easygoing spirit, and bright personality. She makes friends wherever she goes and takes special notice of their feelings. She is a natural leader, that others gravitate towards because of her kindness to all. She is a super active kid that hasn’t met a sport that she doesn’t love! Lil has enjoyed many different styles of dance, and vocal classes, but her number one love is basketball!! Although she may be tiny…don’t let her size fool you she
is lightning fast!
Lilly also enjoys, field hockey, track and field, skiing and acro. On top of Lilly’s love of sports, she is also a high level student, that has achieved numerous writing awards, and Speech arts accolades.
Lilly does a very believable British accent (possibly even better than her dads real accent;)and loves to joke with her brother and family!

Lilly was recently cast as an actor on the series, Resident Alien as “Young Judy.” She takes on each new opportunity with excitement and gratitude.

Lilly looks forward to new adventures in acting, and making many more friends along the way!