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Lola Clare


Lola Clare has been very lucky, in that she was born into the world of dance. Most kids say their dance studio is their second home, but for Lola that is completely true! Her mom is a dance studio owner and most of Lola’s memories and big milestones growing up all happened at the studio. She loved watching everyone prepare for the stage, but most importantly, she loved watching her mom do what she loves. Dance and performance has now turned into Lola’s biggest passion in life as well.

Lola has had a very successful career as a competitive dancer. Her proudest moment to date is being chosen as Runner Up Modern III representative at BC Festival of the Arts in her graduating year. Recenty, Lola was cast as a dancer in Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas with choreographer Mandy Moore (Roku). It opened her eyes and heart to the love of film work and she can’t wait for more opportunities in the future.

Lola has been classically singing for over ten years and loves musical theatre as well. She is known for her strong voice, and for bringing a natural comedy to her song and dance numbers. She is also an up and coming choreographer and teacher in the dance industry with an evening of company classes at Affinity Dance. If Lola isn’t taking class or learning herself, she is at the studio setting choreography, or at home brainstorming different dance concepts.

Lola is very family oriented and loves all animals. She loves to cook, and has a strong passion for fashion and photography. Lola is a hard worker and will always put her best foot forward in everything she does. She is a strong leader, student, and friend and wants to impact the world with her dancing any way she can.