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Lucas Kalechstein


Lucas Kalechstein (he/him) is a singer/actor most recently known for his role as Kettlebell in the Bakugan series and the classical lead singer Declan in Northern Nightingales.

As a full time vocal performance student at U of T Lucas is additionally in 3 choirs where he carries the tenor/bass lines and shines with solos. At age 17, Lucas won first place at the National Final for the Canadian Music Competition; under the direction of his former Hockey Sweater music director Jonathon Monro. Often asked by directors to work with them again because of his talent and focus Lucas continues to work with voice directors like Susan Hart and musical directors like Mark Camilleri and Jonathon Monro. Having worked with these directors as a youth it is a testament to Lucas’ talent, commitment and growth that he continues to work with them as an adult.

Lucas has always felt at home behind a microphone on and off stage. Since his first professional voice gig at age 6 Lucas has been known for his energy, talent and commitment in the sound booth. On stage his perfect pitch, melodic baritone voice, love of harmonies and long locks make him stand out from the crowd.

When not working or training, Lucas volunteers to sing at charity events like Light the Night, Youth Day, DANI and the Canadian Cancer Society giving back to the community through his vocal talents.

Lucas is excited to see where his performance journey takes him next both in stage and in the booth.